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Confirming the baby has died
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A congenital heart defect usually occurs because the heart does not twist or divide normally. Some mothers wonder if drugs, alcohol or medications contributed to their child's heart defect.


In most cases we don't know why these defects occur. Although, some heart defects can run in families or be related to a disease the mother has, diabetes mellitus, for example. Congenital heart defects range from mild to very severe.

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Some require surgical repair in the newborn period and some may resolve on their own with time. Your pediatric cardiologist will be able to counsel you as to the severity of your baby's heart defect.

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A fetal echocardiogram is a detailed ultrasound performed of the baby's heart before the baby is born. A small camera called a transducer is placed on the pregnant mother's abdomen and sends out ultrasonic sound waves.

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  6. The ultrasound waves bounce off the baby's organs, including the heart and are sent back to the camera which then creates a moving picture of the different parts of the heart for the doctor to evaluate. Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney Lynneice Washington did not immediately respond to a phone call seeking comment.

    Can HIV be passed to an unborn baby in pregnancy or through breastfeeding?

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