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The other days I can work from home, over a VPN connection. We met online at a vanilla dating site, but I had used a few very subtle words and phrases to gently convey my desire for a strong, confident woman. She initiated contact after accidentally stumbling onto my profile stumbling — because we live 75 miles apart and neither of us was searching for anyone in the neighboring cities. We emailed a few times and I gave her my number and asked her to call so I could hear her voice.

It was just nice to meet her and enjoy the afternoon. We spent 4hrs together. I have to admit — happy for you, and a tad envious. Sounds like a great match!

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Who am I to complain? My first peg partner was an binary gender person and i had good nice assgasms from their steady fucking. Maybe a good calm controllable dozen or so with the aide of cock stimulation and sometimes Hitachi …. My second pegging partner was a woman with long time experience in the kink scene as a bottom and was converting to switch. It was from Ms. J— that i learned I could take as much pain and spanking as she could after years on the scene. Always though i was a pain wimp turns out the opposite is true and my bottom can tire people out. Real energy. But Ms.

J- was very enthusiastic, had never tried pegging, and was lovingly enthusiastically supportive in our mutual goal. I still remember her and i visiting the sex toy store to make sure the harness was a good fit. She looked so sexy wearing the wonderful cock toy that i had for her. I still blush. We had already played w her at the controls of a vibrating butt plug and fingering me so Ms J— knew my natural rhythm of starting out slow and trying to kiss the plateau gently before getting there in full and staying as long as possible.

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She was fucking my ass just as hard as i fucked her when she wanted it rough. It was much more than i was expecting, beyond what i though were my previous limits and I was In heaven!!! I made a lot of approving noises. Trying to verbalize, she even knew. By then I was already laughing, cumming, completely in the moment in her control and fell forward a bit onto the soft bed and collapsed in a shuddering spasm. I was just laying there on my belly for a few seconds calming down, returning to the real world, when Ms J being a good responsible partner leaned down and touch my ankle asking if i was all right.

Just the act of her touching my ankle made me launch into a full body orgasm again but definitely coming from my ankle in both senses of the word. You made my ankle cum! We had all kinds of other intimate adventures for a month or two after but I had to move to the Bay Area for work and away from Ms J—. I am in contact with her on Fet Life and like the new guy she has a very demanding Femdom relationship with. She says both of them are very thankful for me turning her on to pegging.

I have had just a few hands free Os from butt plugs larger toys. No content may be reproduced or adapted without written consent by Ruby Ryder. Made with by Graphene Themes. Pegging Paradise.

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Has anyone experienced having an orgasm from being pegged? July 10, at pm MichaelAlan Participant. Do you do anything special?

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Getting Pegged

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