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However even this relatively modern tradition has much more ancient echoes in that Mistletoe bears its fruit around the time of the Winter Solstice, and its supposed mythical ability to heal and increase fertility. In Norse mythology, an arrow made from mistletoe killed Balder, who was a brother of Thor.

Frigga, Balder's mother brought him back to life shedding tears that changed the red berries on mistletoe to white. Frigga then blessed the mistletoe and promised a kiss to anyone who passed beneath it. A hint of Mistletoe' s integration from pagan ceremonies into Christmas tradition is said that the mistletoe plant used to be a tree, and its wood was used to make the Cross on which Jesus was crucified. After the Crucifixion, the plant shrivelled to became the parasitic vine we know today. As mentioned earlier, the tradition of singing of songs can be traced back to the pagan festivals before the advent of Christmas.

Indeed, the word carol is derived from the Greek word choraulein, which meant "an ancient circle dance performed to flute music. As carols were already an established custom, early Christians made the shrewd decision to integrate Christian songs into the tradition rather than ban the singing.

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Most new Christian Carols were written in Latin, which was by the middle ages, a language only used by the church, thus reducing the popularity of the custom. However, carols received an injection of popularity when St. Francis of Assisi started his Nativity Plays in Italy in , which included songs written in the local people's language. The tradition of 'Modern' Carol singing flourished in England. Known as Wassailing, it was a chance for peasants to get some much-needed charity from their feudal lords.

This singing for money developed in a custom involving travelling musicians who would visit wealthy homes, singing in the hope of receiving money food or gifts in return.

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There was a short interruption in when the Puritans come to power after the English Civil War. The Puritans, under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell, disapproved of the celebration of Christmas.

There was Caspar - the young king of Tarsus, Melchior — the king of Arabia who was a long bearded old man, and Balthazar - the king from Ethiopia. They traveled on camels for many days over mountains, through deserts and plains always following the shining star. When they finally arrived in Bethlehem they found the child in the manger. The three kings bowed to the child and offered gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They stayed the night in the cave and returned the next day to their lands to spread the news.

This heart-warming story of the unselfish love shared by a couple is considered to be a timeless classic and one of the best works of the author O. The story moves the readers by the sacrifice of the prized possessions done by the couple for each other. The story concludes with the narrator comparing the sacrificial gifts of the couple with that of Biblical Magi. Every night the shoemaker would cut out leather to make a pair of shoes the next day only to find out a beautifully crafted shoe is made to a flawless finish by someone at night.

Charles Dickens’ Classic Novella A Christmas Carol

The ace quality shoes earned him a lot of money. One night to quench his curiosity the cobbler and his wife hid behind the curtains to find out who had painstakingly made the shoes for him.

Much to his surprise he saw two naked elves toiling hard to make the shoes. He and his wife were overwhelmed and they made clothes and shoes for the naked elves as a token of gratitude. This delighted the tiny elves but they never came back to the workshop of the cobbler as it is believed that fairies and pixies defy clothes, since they see it is as a form of bondage.

This short story written by Raymond Brigg is about a British boy who builds a snowman on the Christmas Eve that comes alive. The story depicts the friendship between the young lad James and a Snowman and is considered to be one of the best short Christmas stories. The boy welcomes the snowman to his house and shows him the television, running water and lamp.

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The snowman then takes the boy to meet Santa at the North Pole. About Christmas Day. Only one thing stands in her way—a cowboy who broke her heart nine years ago. In high school, Joe Carrigan admired Skye for her spirit and intellect, but he knew she was destined for a life beyond ranching. Turning down her romantic overture was the best course of action for them both.

Mallory want to ride with us?


You kids head on over. But if it gets late and the roads seem icy, then stay put. Mallory chuckled. She giggled and patted his arm. You cut quite the figure, Joey. The attention shifted to the stairs at the sound of heels tapping on wood. Skye entered and halted abruptly.

There was a pregnant pause while everyone froze in their positions.